Average Wages

Average wages are a good way to determine which path to take in your career. Even though money isn't everything, it is natural to want to be paid what you're worth. A person's average wages are indications of the value, experience and training that the person brings into the job. At the same time, average wages also determine how the company value the position you are occupying. Average wages are the worth in dollars of how much the company is willing to invest for your job/ position.

As an example, consider the average wages of a personal assistant against the average wages of a general manager. The general manager is tasked with decision-making that can make or break the company. The general manager needs to make sure that all aspects of the business are performing soundly and efficiently. The "fate" of the business is in his/ her hands - as the personal assistant's job is in his/ her hands. On the other end, the personal assistant works on tasks as assigned and only those within his/ her skill sets. A personal assistant usually does administrative work that is often repetitive in nature. A personal assistant does not make decisions that are crucial to the company's survival. Hence, it is just right that the average wages of personal assistants are at AU$40,000 while the average wages of general managers are at $80,000.

Another example is the average wages of a legal secretary against the average wages of lawyers. Like the difference between the average wages personal assistants and General Managers, the difference between the average wages of legal secretaries and lawyers is almost 100%. AU$35,000 is the average wages of a legal secretary; while lawyers get AU$60,000 on average.

Average wages can be a great indicator to help you select your career path. There are online resources that let you know the average wages to expect per job title. The data that you can get from these sites can help you decide which degree course to take in college, which job to choose and in which industry, as well as career what path to take. In having all this determined, you can prepare yourself by learning the required skill sets while still schooling.

Although average wages should not be the sole determiner of your career, practicality dictates that you should at least make average wages one of the important factors in your decision-making. The idea is that your average wages should make the investments you made in your schooling worthwhile.

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